Marketplace Beta

SourceForge запускает бета-тестирование маркетплэйса.

Вот только пришло:

We are about to launch the open beta of the Marketplace. 
This new functionality will connect Open Source experts (like yourself) 
with buyers looking for service.

You will notice a new "Services" tab on your project where buyers will 
be able to see the support options available and purchase Marketplace 
services (when available).

As the administrator for the project, you can manage what is displayed 
on this new tab by going to the Public Info page in your Project 
Administration menu and updating the "List Paid Services for Project." 

We'd like to send you more info on the Marketplace, as 
well as a special invitation to sell service to buyers. To add your name 
to our interest list, visit this link:

Thank you for your continued interest in


The Team

Понравилось, что я, оказывается, Open Source expert. :))
Молодцы, давно пора, а то опен-сурс эксперты парятся в цехах на фабриках.

Осталось написать что-нить путевое…


One Response to Marketplace Beta

  1. Цехи с фабриками — зло.

    Такому гиганту в своем роде как давно уже пора было что-нибудь подобное осуществить…

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